De-stress with some ‘Me’ Time

Aug 21, 2016

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Why You Need to Make Time for Yourself

We’re all guilty of it – saying yes to everything and putting others first. Many women in particular have a hard time taking time out for themselves, especially when juggling motherhood with work and other commitments. But by creating space and taking time for solitude, you become a better provider, a better giver.

Why ‘Me’ Time is So Important

We live in impatient times. We want everything now and we’re always rushing. What that means is that instead of using our spare time to relax, reflect and recharge, we’re filling idle moments with stuff. Busyness. Angry Birds.

Author Thomas Moore summed it up well by saying that “we seem to have a complex about busyness in our culture. Most of us do have time that we could devote to simple relaxation, but we convince ourselves that we don’t.”

Ain’t that the truth? Often we’re so caught up in having to always be doing and achieving, that we forget to give ourselves time to breathe and ponder and question. Or just sit and empty our minds.

Here are a few more reasons to seek solitude:

Turbocharge your creativity: Studies show we’re more creative on our own. Many famous creative credit alone time for helping them come up with winning ideas. Take time out, switch off your phone and let your mind wander. Let your creativity flourish.

Get a fresh perspective: Feel as though life is about ticking off endless items on a giant ‘to do’ list? Then write yourself a prescription for solitude! Taking time out to think about why you do what you do and what you really want to accomplish takes you out of the daily grind and into your inner world. A quiet place where answers often present themselves in the most subtle way.

How to Make Time For Yourself

The question we time-poor people inevitably ask is, ‘How do I fit ‘me time’ into an already hectic schedule?’ Here are a few simple things you can do to carve out solitude:

Schedule it: Heck, we diarise everything else! Set aside time in your day to meditate and reflect. Treat it like an important business meeting or appointment, so that you stick to it. When you make solitude a daily habit, it becomes easier to integrate into your day.

Switch off: Smart phones and tablets mean we’re always ‘on’ and available. During your alone time, switch off every device that can disrupt you. There are even apps you can download that cut off your internet connection and calls until you’re ready. Some meditation apps do this too.

Go for a walk: Sometimes a change of scenery, fresh air and time spent in nature is all we need to reenergise. Use this time to get exercise while giving your mind a break.

Breathe: Taking time out can be as simple as a short deep breathing session. Sit with your eyes closed and focus on your breath – count for 3 breaths in, 3 breaths out.

Create a calming bath. Add six to 10 drops of bergamot essential oil to the bathtub and soak away your stress. The bergamot is absorbed through the skin and also inhaled.

You could also read a book, sit in a sunny spot in silence or simply cuddle a pet. The trick is to turn off your thoughts, tune in to the moment and minimise distractions.

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