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Aug 25, 2016

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Invest in a Quality Water Bottle

Water bought in plastic water bottles are generally detrimental to the environment. Firstly the plastic is manufactured from an oil derivative. Secondly they typically end in land fill. So, whether you are motivated by the environment, saving energy, saving money, or all of these, switching to a reusable water bottle will make a substantial difference to these important facts.

By making the choice to invest in a reusable water bottle, you are reducing the number of single water bottles used, thus improving the environment and landfill.  It is estimated that the average plastic bottle takes 450 years to break down. By continually carrying around a water bottle that you can refill, grab and go – you are also looking after your health by keeping well hydrated.

One of the major reasons to invest in a quality water bottle is for convenience.  If you have a ready  supply of water available to you, then you’re more likely to drink more water throughout the day.  For children on the go, keeping them hydrated is particularly important, especially in the hotter months.  It is especially important to keep well hydrated if you are pregnant.  This is crucial for you and your baby’s health.  Carrying a water bottle around is a great prompt to drink more. You can even add some slices of lemon or lime for a little flavour.

water lemon lime


Stainless Steel

These are an excellent choice of water bottles as they are lightweight, resistant to bangs and knocks as it won’t break, but will dent;

Some stainless steel water bottles contain a lining that may contain toxins.  It is therefore useful to look for stainless steel bottles that don’t have an inner lining.


These bottles can repeatedly be dropped without breaking or denting. They are lightweight and therefore easy to lug everywhere. However, plastic is appallingly dire for the environment. They add to landfill and as mentioned before, take many years to biodegrade. Through their production, they are responsible for adding copious amount of toxins into the environment

When it comes to human health, research shows the BPA (Bisphenol A) found in plastic can compromise health. So BPA free bottles are a must if you choose plastic.


Aluminium bottles need to have a lining. Since much of this lining is chemically treated, it is important to choose a water bottle from a reputable company that claims to be safe.  You should waver from companies that don’t irrefutably claim the safety of their bottles;

Aluminium is durable and easy to carry around. Sigg is the biggest name in the world of aluminium water bottles, and they claim to be the safest.

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