Consider Ditching Processed Foods

Aug 27, 2016

In:Health Tips

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Packaged and processed foods are as detrimental to your health as they are to your waistline.  Not only are most of these foods high in calories, but they usually have additives and preservatives that are not only hard to pronounce, but hard for our bodies to digest as well.

Processed foods are those foods which have gone through some form of alteration to change them from their natural state, usually for commercial convenience. When we think of processed foods, we tend to think of foods that are high in trans-fats like fast foods, chips, biscuits, packaged cakes, processed meats and convenience meals such as frozen dinners. It is interesting to point out though, that a lot of foods we eat that are considered ‘healthy’ have actually gone through some sort of refining or processing method.

Some examples of ‘healthy’ processed foods:

Milk is treated through heating it in order to kill bacteria, this is referred to as pasteurised milk.  Homogenized milk has gone through even further processing to prevent the fats from separating.

Fruit juice is another example that is often altered from its natural state. Fortified fruit juice has been through further treatment often adding synthetic calcium, vitamins or minerals.

Quick Cooking Oats -this type of oats has been processed for the purpose of making it quicker to cook and so more convenient for the consumer.

Processed foods come in a variety of hidden forms and often with extra additives such as preservatives, colourings and flavour enhancers – so it’s wise to always read the labels and choose to avoid foods that are harmful to our health.

So next time you go shopping, why not ditch those unwholesome, unhealthy foods and go natural!

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