Health Benefits of Fruits

Jan 15, 2017

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Health Benefits of Fruits

Health Benefits of Fruits

Fruits are the most refreshing food especially in summer (best stored in the fridge, but the subtle flavours can be further enjoyed if left out for a little while before eating). To get the most nutritional value, fruits are best consumed fresh and most ideal when just picked.

In this article I’ll introduce the benefits of fruit as a food group, then over the coming blog articles, I will explore the specific health properties of specific fruits which are in season during summer.

Fresh fruits are easiest to digest on their own (combined as a fruit salad is delicious).  However, to prevent bloating discomfort  it’s best to eat fruit at least 20 minutes before meals, or between meals.

Fruits provide an alkaline balance to the blood which is most beneficial for our body to heal itself. Our cooked and processed  foods create acidity in the body and  a highly acidic diet contributes to ill health.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are essential to assist with proper elimination of toxins and body waste.

Fruits provide a unique abundance of fruit sugars (fructose) an ideal source of natural energy.  They contain a variety of minerals and vitamins to assist in the utilisation of their fructose content.  They also contain numerous antioxidants which keep our cells strong and healthy.

The human digestive tract is between 12 – 14 times the height of the body, similar to most fruit eating animals. Just out of interest, the herbivore’s digestive tract is approximately  20 times the height of the body and the carnivore’s is approximately 5 times the height of the body.

There are four main fruit groups: sweet fruits, sub-acid fruits, acid fruits and melons. Over the next few blog articles, we will highlight the fruits that are in season and their unique health benefits.

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